Whether or not Propertius here deprecates his beloved’s extravagance for the sartorial luxury (cf

Whether or not Propertius here deprecates his beloved’s extravagance for the sartorial luxury (cf

The latest verb tego, which has an initial feeling of ‘conceal’ (Old s.v. tego 1), seem to function ‘clothe’ (Old s.v. tego 3) and obviously consists of that it resonance in their directed juxtaposition having nudasse, away from nudo, ‘make naked, divest’ (Dated s.v. nudo step one). The poem and therefore declares ‘dress’ – or in other words ‘undress’ – as an effective polyvalent figure to own Sulpicia’s elegiac poetics. According to the amatory system of contemporary Latin elegy Sulpicia benefits sexual, socially given up strip down over reputable, socially conformist dress such manage suit your face she ‘places on’ getting society, while the she claims about poem’s final couplet (vultus componere famae | taedet, ‘I’m tired of writing a face mask getting rumour,’ step three.13.9–10). By expressing Hauptstandort through the metaphor of disrobing their intent to put her amatory verses on the movement, Sulpicia brings together several apparently in comparison

Into one hand, nudity is the feature trait out of Amor, tutelary goddess from Latin sensual elegy and patron of your own elegiac poetlover

193 Sartorial Attractiveness and you can Poetic Finesse about Sulpician Corpus elegiac dress requirements. Propertius, such as, rebukes their mistress on her need for costly outfits and then make-with brand new observation your nude goodness doesn’t appreciate artificially improved charm (nudus Amor formae non amat artificem, step 1.2.8). Furthermore Ovid argues one, in the event he might do not have the riches and high descent to help you charm their domme, almost every other functions – in addition to their blameless character, open trustworthiness, and blushing modesty – should commend him to help you her (Was. 1.step three.7–14): lorsque me personally non veterum commendant magna parentum nomina, quand nostri sanguinis auctor eques, nec meus innumeris repus aratris, temperat mais aussi sumptus parcus uterque parens: within Phoebus comitesque novem vitisque repertor hac faciunt ainsi que myself qui tibi donat Amor et nulli cessura fides, sine crimine mores, nudaque simplicitas purpureusque pudor. Whether your great labels regarding my dated ancestors do not recommend me, in the event your composer of our very own lineage was a keen equestrian, nor try my personal estate restored that have some ploughs, and every parent frugally husbands debts, still Apollo, brand new 9 Muses, his companions, and you may Dionysus, discoverer of one’s vine, capture my part in addition to Like just who brings me to you, loyalty which can yield to nothing, a character versus blemish, discover honesty, and you may blushing modesty.

Compared with the brand new nakedness out of elegy’s patron goddess Amor and the fresh open sincerity of the elegiac poet-partner, simultaneously, stands the newest elegiac mistress’s old-fashioned passion for luxurious outfits and you can expensive decoration

Ovid here elaborates brand new ethical off Propertius step one.2.a dozen to help you articulate a connection between the newest elegiac poet’s simple position together with elegiac partner’s nude feeling, and he can get and so mean that the elegiac poet-spouse follows Amor’s example inside eschewing fancy dress. Propertius makes reference to their girlfriend clothed throughout the girl finery (step one.dos.1–6): quid iuvat ornato procedere, vita, capillo mais aussi tenuis Coa veste movere sinus, aut quid Orontea crinis perfundere murra, teque peregrinis vendere muneribus, naturaeque decus mercato perdere cultu, nec sinere inside the propriis membra nitere bonis?

194 Alison Keith Why, my life, is it possible you glee to walk aside with your hair styled and rustle the fresh thin folds of your own Coan gown, or even to drench hair having Syrian myrrh market on your own getting international presents, marring your natural splendor by purchasing decoration and never enabling their limbs so you’re able to glow the help of its inherent charms?

Myrrh and you may Coan ‘silk’ was in fact high priced east deluxe imports in the Rome, the former an Arabian commodity available because of Syrian trade, the latter lead for the isle regarding Cos because of the rotating brand new filaments of a beneficial caterpillar much like the Chinese silkworm.step 1 Because the Coan cotton was also nearly clear (cf. Hor. Seated. 1.2.101–103), it stated the brand new wearer’s sexual supply (an element you to, paradoxically, aligns this new elegist’s girlfriend which have Amor). brand new poem’s concluding line, taedia dum miserae sint tibi luxuriae, ‘provided that your own wretched luxuries show monotonous to you,’ step 1.dos.32), the guy somewhere else claims that the refinement out of her dress drives his subtle elegiac verse (dos.step one.3–8): low haec Calliope, non haec mihi cantat Apollo, ingenium nobis ipsa puella facit. sive illam Cois fulgentem incedere †cogis† hac totum age Coa veste volumen erit; seu vidi advertising frontem sparsos errare capillos, gaudet laudatis ire superba comis; Calliope will not play such songs for me, neither Apollo. My girlfriend furnishes all of our desire. For folks who compel her to get in radiant from inside the Coan silks, my personal entire regularity commonly come out inside Coan raiment; or if I have seen their wandering along with her locks spread-over this lady temple, she rejoices and you can guides aside arrogantly when I’ve applauded the lady hairdo.

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