Otherwise (v) he is wear the writing out-of Ayat ul Kursi just like the a tawid on the their muscles

Otherwise (v) he is wear the writing out-of Ayat ul Kursi just like the a tawid on the their muscles

DU-A’A 216 In order to make like ranging from son and you can wife (that is exhibiting signs of apathy) (i) establish surah as the Zukhruf (part 43) toward a plate of Asia Clay and you may clean they having pure liquid and give they toward partner for

WALLAD’EE KHALQAL AZWAAJA KULLAHAA WAA JA-A’LA LAKUM MINAL FULKI WAL ANA’AMI MAA TARKABOON LITASTAWOO AAAAA’LAA Z’UHOORIHEE THUMMA TAD’KUROO NI-MATA RABBIKUM ID’AS – TAWAYTUM A’LAYHI WA TAQOOLOO SUBH’AANAL LAD’EE SAKHKHARA LANAA HAAD’AA SUBH’AANAL LAD’EE SAKHKHARA LANAA HAAD’AA WA MAA KUNNAA LAHOO MUQRINEEN WA INAAA ILAA RABBINAA LAMUNQALIBOON Contd.. forty-five DU-A’A 212 If there is dissension shortly after relationships between man and you can partner, to form like, it is written in Biharul Anwar, to enter verses step 1 and you may 2 out of Offer Dahr having saffron and you may clean it which have rose water and you can both of them is take in it. WA ALLAFA BAYNA QULOOBIHIM Rules ANFAQTA MAA FIL ARZ’I JAMEE-A’M MAAA ALLAFTA BAYNA QULOOBIHIM WAQ LAA KINNALLAAHA ALLAFA BAYNAHUM INNAHOO A’ZEEZUN H’HAKEEM A’SALLAAHU AY YAJ-A’LA BAYNAKUM WA BAYNALLAD’EENA A’ADAYTUM MINHAM MAWADDAH WALLAAHU QADEER WALLAAHU GHAFOOR UR RAHEEM DU-A’A 214 Considering Biharul Anwar, in the event the husband are getting interest in another woman, gaming and you may sipping an such like.,etcetera., the new partner would be to ricte a 2 rakat salat and in for each and every rakat once reciting surah al Fatihah, repeat : (i) verse 7 regarding al Mumtahinah (written in Du-a’a 213 ) (ii) state korean cupid 70 moments ALLAAHUMMA S’ALLI A’LAA MUH’AMMADIN WA AALI MJUHAMMADIN BIA’DADI Kid S’ALLI A’LAYHI) (iii) Then recite next du-a’a twenty-seven moments. ALLAAHUMMA LAYYIN QALBA (explore husband’s title) KAMAA LAYYANTAL H’ADEEDA LIDAAWOODA A’LAYHIS SALAAMU WA SAKHKHIR LEE KAMAA SAKHKHARTAR REEH’A LISULAYMAANABNI DAAWOODA A’LAYHIM Because the SALAAMU WA ALLIF BAYNANAA KAMAA ALLAFTA BAYNA MUHAMMADAN S’ALLALLAAHU A’LAYHI WA AALIHEE WA SALLAM WA KHADEEJAH WA A’LAYHI WA AALIHEE WA SALLAM WA KHADEEJAH WA A’LIYYIN A’LAYHIS SALAAMU WA FATIMATAZ ZAHRAA-I S’ALAWAATULLAAHI A’LAYHAA YAA ARH’AAMAR RAAHIMEEN DU-A’A 215 Based on Biharul Anwar to produce like and you can facts between husband and wife, if they are drifting of one another, repeat a 2 rakat salat once Isha, when through the night, towards the Saturday. In the for every single rakat, following the recitation from al Fatihah, repeat surah offer Duha (chapter 93) 10 minutes, and pursuing the salam repeat another du-a’a twenty five times. ALLAAHUMMA AH’ABBANEE ILAA QALBI Contd.. 46

Or (ii) the newest aggrieved partner will be recite surah al Jumu-a’h (chapter 62) five times a day Or (iii) hold the composed text message of the told you surah on the body due to the fact an effective tawid Or (iv) new aggrieved partner is always to recite Ayat al Kursi (select du-a’a 39 ) equivalent in the amount of the entire regarding his and his awesome wife’s name according to the code away from abjad. DU-A’A 217 And also make an adverse tempered and you will sinful spouse docile and you will comfortable recite the next du-a’a to the certain nice eatables and provide it so you’re able to him so you’re able to consume. YAA H’AYYU YAA QAYYOOM YAA RAH’MAANU YAA RAHEEM BIRAH’MATIKA YAA ARH’AMAR RAAHIMEEN DU-A’A 218 Repeat 29 minutes verse 129 out of al Bara-from the inside the Tuesday evening, keeping in mind the name of your displeased companion. Inshallah, you will see balance between the two spouses once again. DU-A’A 221

If you have no birth off a young child contained in this practical date repeat another part of verse 89 of Anbiya three times after each and every obligatory salat. RABBI LAA TAD’ARNEE FARDAW WA ANTA KHAYRUL WAARITHEEN

RABBI HAB LEE Billion LADUNKA D’URRIYYATAN T’AYYIBAH INNAKA SAMEE-U’D DU-A’AA DU-A’A 223 When there is zero delivery away from children to have an eternity the brand new partner will be hope a 2 rakat salat just after Jummu-ah prayers plus in rukus and you will sajdahs (off both the rekats) repeat the next prayer

DU-A’A 222 If there is zero both of a young child to own a long period recite the second portion of verse 38 out-of Ali Imran as often you could. ALLAAHUMMA INNEE Given that-ALUKA BIMAA SA-ALAKA BIHEE ZAKARIYYAA RABBI LAA TAD’ARNEE FARDAW WA ANTA KHAYRUL WAARITHEEN ALLAAHUMMA HAB LEE Mil LADUNKA D’URRIYYATAN T’AYYIBAH INNAKA SAMEE – U’D DU-A’AA ALLAAHUMMA BISMIKA ISTAH’LALTUHAA WA Payment AMAANATIKA AKHAD’TUHAA FA-In QAZ’AYTA Commission RAH’IMIHAA WALADAN FAJ-A’LHOO GHULAAMAN MUBAKARAN D’AKIYAAN WA LAA TAJ-A’L LISH SHAYT’AANI FEEHI SHIRKAN WA LAA NAS’EEBAA DU-A’A 224 Carry out the following a’mal tmad container Ali al Baqir getting children. SUBH’AANALLAAH (70 minutes) ASTAGHFIRULLAAH (10 times0 SUBH’AANALLAAH (9 moments) ASTAGHFIROO RABBAKUM INNAHOO KAANA GHAFFAARAA YURSILIS SAMAAA – Good A’LAYKUM MIDRAARAA WA YUMDIDKUM BI-AMWAALIW WA BANEENA WA YAJ-A’L LAKUM JANNATIW WA YAJ-A’L LAKUM ANHAARAA DU-A’A 225 If there is zero delivery from a young child getting very long simply take two boiled egg (chicken) stop this new protection and you may generate having saffron verse 47 out-of adh Dhariyat on one eggs and provide towards girlfriend so you’re able to eat; up coming generate which have saffron verse forty eight away from offer Dhariyat into the other eggs and provide it on the partner to consume. Accomplish that for 40 successive weeks. (i) WA SAMAAA-Good BAYNANAAHA BI-AYDIW WA INNAA LAMOOSI-O’ON (ii) WAL ARZ’A FARSHNAAHA FANI-MAL MAAHIDOON DU-A’A 226 If it appears that the brand new spouse is not able to promoting a kid establish next passages (Al Muminun: a dozen, 13, 14) for the seven actually leaves out-of nice basil (a fragrant labiate bush) by themselves, and give one-leaf 1 day with the spouse to consume with a glass of cow’s milk products whenever. WA LAQAD KHALAQNAL INSAANA Minute SULAALATIM Minute T’EEN THUMMA JA-A’LNAAHU NUT’FATAN Fee QARAARIM MAKEEN

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