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Welcome on Board

Welcome to Ablaze Natural Products your foremost one source for all natural products. We are very dedicated to giving you the very best of natural products with a focus of being the most admired herbal medicine company.

Brief History

The company started in 2019 due to the prevalence of health challenges in Nigeria.
The company was registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) on 8th June 2021 under the COMPANY AND ALLIED MATTER ACTS 2020 with business registration number 3390652.
Similarly, Ablaze Natural Products Enterprises was registered with the FEDERAL MINISTRY OF TRADE AND INVESTMENT, COMMERCIAL LAW DEPARTMENT, INDUSTRIAL PROPERTY OFFICE REGISTRY for the Trademark.

The major turning point in the company life is the breakthrough on herbal spray for all kinds of pains called Quick & Total Relief Herbal Spray.



To be the most admired herbal medicine company by leading the modernization of traditional medicine through pioneering research while offering effective, safe and reliable 100 percent  natural products.


To provide Health Solutions for all Africans irrespective of their background, race, colour, gender or religion.


Integrity and honesty as a catalyst to good health and wellbeing of Africans.


Throughout our evolution, the importance of natural products for medicine and health has been enormous. Since our earliest ancestors chewed on certain herbs to relieve pain, or wrapped leaves around wounds to improve healing, natural products have often been the sole means to treat diseases and injuries. In fact, it has only been during the past decades that natural products have taken a secondary role in drug discovery and drug development, after the advent of molecular biology and combinatorial chemistry made possible the rational design of chemical compounds to target specific molecules. The past few years, however, have seen a renewed interest in the use of natural compounds and, more importantly, their role as a basis for drug development.

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